The creator of meat kebab was definitely a BBQ lover! Because there is honestly  nothing better than a family barbecue on the terrace with a dozen skewers garnished with Quebec-flavored ingredients. Moreover, by privileging Quebec products for these grills, you will encourage 450 workers from here. You will be able to say that your good deed of the day is fulfilled!

R. Pinsonneault et Fils

Every year, from June to December, the owners of the R. Pinsonneault Farm are more active than ever to produce, each day, approximately 50 pounds of potatoes which mean 800 to 1000 pouches. Six trailer trucks per day leave this family business to deliver more than 40 % of its production to Sobey's. The rest of the harvest is distributed in various fruit and public markets in the region of Montreal, 30 % in Ontario and 30 % in USA.

Les serres Lefort

Founded in 1984 by Sylvain Lefort, Les Serres Lefort of Sainte-Clotilde-de-Châteauguay is one of the pioneers in the development of greenhouse culture in Quebec. To date, it occupies 65% of the Quebec market for vegetable transplants. That is to say, there are more than 300 Lefort greenhouses throughout Quebec. These ambitious entrepreneurs expect to increase this number up to 500 greenhouses in the coming years! To ensure the production of exceptional products, Les serres Lefort has built a team of more than 100 employees who are passionate about this industry. As we can see innovation and good working conditions have always been central to their expertise.


Altius is a company that specializes in the grinding, mixing and packaging of herbs, spices and seasonings for retail and industrial use. During the creation of this brand, the owners have given themselves the mission to offer the flavors of the world and that the satisfaction of their customers is their reward! The full range of Altius products is available on their online store at

Ferme des Voltigeurs

In addition to being raised in Quebec, there are several other factors that make the chickens of the Ferme des Voltigeurs so incomparable. Indeed, the feed given to the chickens is composed entirely of vegetable grain, which ensure a less fatty  meat  and especially one that will not shrink when cooking. Moreover, organic products lovers will not be left hungry, since there are now certified organic chickens. Finally, no aspect was neglected even the packaging. The wrap is made under vacuum, which considerably prolongs the preservation and thus guarantees an outstanding quality!

Groupe Vegco

What is Vegco Group? Well known as Attitude Fraîche, this group of 14 growers who have grown for 50 years is definitely a leader in the fresh fruit and vegetable industry in Quebec. The passion that resides in these producers is at the heart of the innovations that allows consumers to get more and more. Since the beginning of the adventure, the founders have set themselves the task of offering vegetables of unparalleled freshness and quality while respecting the family values that are dear to them, including fairness, integrity and surpassing oneself.

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