4 Ways to Bring Home Sugar Shack Festivities

March and maple sugar time go hand in hand and it’s right around the corner!

You haven’t reserved a table at your favourite sugar shack yet and there seems to be no spot left? Don’t panic, the spirit of the shack can just as easily be celebrated right in your home.

Here are a few must-haves to celebrate the maple sugar time at your place!


Create a Rustic Atmosphere

Going to the sugar shack is all about reuniting people we love in a warm and festive atmosphere. So you better go for a nice rural decor while taking out your big checkered tablecloth! Tell your guests to adopt the woodcutter style at its most cliché, because it's THE day to celebrate our Quebec roots. For those of you who don’t have the chance to have a fireplace, the Web is full of beautiful fireplace videos that will add warmth and a touch of humour to your day!

Add to your playlist: La Bottine Souriante, Les Cowboys Fringants, Kaïn and all the other French Canadian iconic groups!


Garnish Your Table with Maple Products from Sucreries DL

Even though the party is at your place, there is no compromise on the quality and quantity of maple products at the table. Let's celebrate maple sugar time generously with delicious food! Sucreries DL’s maple products can be found in Metro grocery stores and can even be delivered directly at home via the company’s website.


Cook Grandma’s Traditional Recipes

When it comes to food, we want comforting and generous cuisine. This is an opportunity to ask Grandma for all the traditional recipes we love: pea soup, baked beans, maple ham, cream fudge and dumplings in maple syrup! For a delicious pancake recipe, check out ours right here. You prefer something other than classic recipes? Spoil your guests with a lamb shoulder accompanied with tomatoes and maple syrup! Click here to see our 100% Quebec recipe.


Take a Breath of Fresh Air

The tradition is not complete without going for a walk with your guests to digest these delicious sweet treats. There are chances that the most dynamic of us will transform this quiet moment into a snowball battle!



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