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NutriVilla Foods

NutriVilla Foods, a dynamic Canadian enterprise, is a manufacturer of fine food products. Our Montreal head-office includes warehousing as well as packaging and production facilities. Our mission is to promote consumers’ health with sound nutritional products stemming from areas of the world renowned for their high standards of nutritional quality. At NutriVilla Foods, we strive to provide North Americans with an expansive collection of local and exotic flavours inspired by various world cuisines allowing consumers to always feel that delightful joy of a savoury and varied cuisine. Our products range features an impressive selection exceeding 200 types of exotic spices, herbs & seasonings accompanied by a refined selection of all natural herbal teas. With experience in the spice trade world dating back several generations, we constantly work to develop and improve our own “ready-to-use” unique blends to make tasty cooking so much easier while constantly exciting your taste buds. Furthermore, our focus on health has led us to develop an Ancient Grains line of top super grains from various world cuisines – organic, 100% natural and full of nutritional value. With a current annual production capacity reaching close to 20 million units, we remain open to all your private label inquiries. In virtue of our commitment to quality, we have implemented the necessary processes and programs required towards acquiring the globally recognized HACCP and SQF quality control certifications. By implementing strict procurement criteria combined with effective, rigorous quality control measures, we assure customers and consumers alike to provide them with the highest quality value-added products which are synonymous with what customers have come to expect from our NutriVilla brand: Quality products for a healthy lifestyle. Satisfaction guaranteed.


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