Delicouki has only one purpose: offer good and tasty products, realised according to rigorous quality standards. In order to delight little ones or grown-ups, the company, which is passionate about homemade pastries, commits itself to make every product with quality ingredients, and the authenticity of days goneby. That is why all the products are elaborated with the genius opinion of nutritionists, and produced in a peanut-free environment, so you have a lot of great and simple solutions for your lunch box! The business is born in 1998 when Delicouki became one of the official suppliers of the one and only Van Houtte coffee chain. After being a huge success as a provider of said once roasting house, Delicouki extends its distribution. Now, their products are available in coffee shops, certain school boards and even in retail business as Costco, what celebrate the Delicouki fifteen years of pastry expertise.


After the purchase of the company in 2011, the brand Delicouki was developed as we know it today. From a few products, the brand Delicouki has slowly taken over every products and extended its range: : pies, cookies, scones which are now sold in many places, including retail market. For instance, you can find the chocolate chip, 
oatmeal quinoa and cranberry or banana and flax soft cookies on the IGA shelves. For gourmet people, the iconic old fashion sugar pie is also available.

If the company has at heart to celebrate ancestral and authentic recipes, Delicouki keeps itself always up to date. A new line of product called Collection Doux Souvenir, which is shortbread biscuit prepared with real butter, has recently been launched. The spring collection of this new production will be chocolate and vanilla shortbread while the fall collection will be composed of autumn spices shortbread. In addition to the Collection Doux Souvenir, the company is currently working on the creation of two new flavors that hopefully will be soon in our groceries!

To discover more about all kind of Delicouki homemade pastries and the multiples treats the company has to offer, visit and click on the tab « food service ».