TalThi Alimentaire

Whether it is to share with friends, to impress a date or to treat yourself, there’s nothing quite as good as a new product to satisfy your craving! For the perfect salmon, the Salmo Searrano of Seacatessen  is the next best thing. This ready-to-eat salmon deli is ideal for appetizers, over pasta, in a salad, in sushi or by itself along with fruit or cheeses or any other way you might think of. For the more adventurous, the Salmo Searrano is excellent dipped in white beer, as well as in hot or cold cider with grapes.

A long journey

Seacatessen Fine Food is a family business founded in 2008 by Steven Thibeault and Chantal Lemery and has two divisions; the import of aluminum packaging and food production. The main purpose of the food branch is to give Quebec consumers a brand new way to eat fish.

The founders of Seacatessen have been working in the food industry for over 25 years. The first idea of the company

had crossed their minds a long time ago, but it was not until May 2014 that they officially launched their first product: the Salmo Searrano.

Although the Salmo Searrano emerged from a mistake at first, the founders worked on it for a while and now offer us a delicious result.  This family-owned business produces in Saint-Hyacinthe, capital of Quebec agrifood industry, in its pilot plant at Saint-Hyacinthe Research and Development Centre (CRDA). To learn more about the manufacturing methods and the CRDA, go see this little video: www.agr.gc.ca.

A fine product: Salmo Searrano

At first sight, the Salmo Searrano may look like smoked salmon but is very far from it in reality! The product is brined dry, aged and not smoked, which gives it an exquisite taste and a more tender and delicate texture. It is also slightly drier and has a thinner cut, everything to grant it a unique flavor! A real sweet and salty salmon deli with a delicate smoked flavor, all driven by a rigorous dry brining process.

Inspired by her entrepreneur family, Cassandra, the eldest daughter of the founders, joined the company in 2014. This tightly-knit family now aims to develop a range of refined seafood, inspired by the traditional methods of manufacturing meat. Thus, they seek to reinvent the deli using a healthy base product without nitrites.


Try it and enjoy the subtle flavors of Salmo Searrano!

For all their recipe ideas or to know more about their upcoming events, visit their website or their Facebook page at www.seacatessen.ca: #Salmo Searrano.