Hydroserre Mirabel

Hydroserre Mirabel was founded in 1987. Thanks to the willpower of the Desrochers family and Sylvain Terrault, this company grew quickly. They share the same vision of taking the company to great heights, expanding facilities numerous times over the years. Their success relies on the creation of their unique hydroponic system on mobile floats.

Without doubt, the quality of their product comes from the ingenuity of this unique process. It was invented in the 80’s by the company leaders, looking to grow leafy vegetables as an extension to their offering.

What is hydroponics culture?

 “Hydroponics” refers to plant culture on artificial substrates, being fed by nutrient solutions. Unlike traditional crops, the plants feed on nutrients added to water rather than soil. The same vitamins and minerals are used; therefore harvests are as fresh and nutritious. Of course, many environmental elements are controlled for improved growth, such as temperature, humidity and lightning.

A green process

There are many benefits to greenhouse hydroponics culture. First off, it eliminates the use of herbicides and significantly reduces the need for pesticides. In addition, the hydroponic system is very efficient in water management, as water is being safely re-used from one harvest to another. It also makes it possible to grow plants all year round, making it one of the most productive harvesting technologies. It can produce 16 to 18 crops per year, with much less land needed versus field agriculture.

Being eco-friendly

Mirabel packs each product individually, to help preserve freshness and wholesomeness. Conscious of their ecological footprint, the company uses recycled materials to produce their packaging, which are recyclable as well. Mirabel also keeps an eye out for new ways to be eco-friendly, from new recyclable materials to improved packaging methods.