Pâtisserie Jessica


Pâtisserie Jessica

What makes pastry special and truly magic is all the little things we find in the everyday life. It is in the chocolate-stained smile of an amazed child, in birthday candles we blow out in one breath, in the comforting last chocolate cookies batch smell. It is a pleasure that you can enjoy alone, that you can share with your loved ones. Here at Jessica Pastries, we want to be a part of pastry lover’s lives, with all the pleasure that comes with it. With the best ingredients, our bakers’ devotion and the love of creation and traditions, our mission is to create desserts that melts in the mouth, with flavors and textures that will impress each and every one of you. For 20 years, we have been making desserts that bring smiles to the table. We dedicate our effort to developing upscale cakes, private labels and manufacturing with the utmost quality standards. We are always developing the next wow dessert to make sure to stay ahead of the game and consistently create mouth-watering desserts.


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