5 Fun Facts About Laitues Mirabel


1. The Mirabel greenhouse is 11 hectares, which equals the size of 450 Olympic pools.

Yes, you read it correctly. We’re talking about the size of 450 Olympic pools altogether, or, if you prefer, 21 NFL football fields. To save employees from walking a foot and to make their workday a little easier, they get around on scooters and bikes. Raise your hand if you want to work here!



2. There is only a distance of 300 km between Mirabel’s greenhouse and your dinner plate. California-based produce travels over 6000 km before getting to your table.

When we say that every action counts, we mean it. Buying locally reduces our ecological footprint without us even realizing it. Every day, employees see the fruit of their labour by guaranteeing an incomparable freshness.


3. Every year, Laitues Mirabel harvests over 30 million lettuce heads.

For 33 years, this local company followed its mission to become an industry leader in Quebec. Today, Laitues Mirabel works hard 24/7. Like we say in Québec : ‘’Une de semée, dix de récoltées!’’ Hard work pays off.


4. Hydroponic cultivation replicates natural habitats indoors.

How is this possible? Hydroponic cultivation simply recreates water essential minerals that are found in soil. In other words, they supplement water with fertilizer, more specifically basic mineral salts. The greenhouse then provides lettuce in a warm and ventilated environment, allowing it to grow. Lettuce never lacks vitamin D, thanks to sunny days and halogen lamps. Due to this unique system, it is possible to enjoy fresh lettuce, even through Quebec’s freezing winter storms. Amazing, isn’t it? 



5. Spiders are more than welcome in Mirabel greenhouses. 

Afraid of spiders? You might change your mind today… Their eight long legs might not be very pretty to look at, but spiders are highly respected in greenhouses. Don’t be afraid, these little friends have no interest in eating nothing but bugs to protect lettuce! They may be creepy-crawly creatures, but spiders are a major ally to hydroponic cultivation. Plus, it’s an organic practice!


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